We breed German Shepherds.


  • Family farm-raised German Shepherds in beautiful Whitmore Lake, Michigan 48189.
  • Long & standard coat with the very rare and much desired dark Mahogany Red color.
  • We have one mating pair and they are part of our family.
  • We are not a kennel, so all dogs live in the house with plenty of people and lots of children running around. 
  • Our 4-year-old standard coat male "Tazz" is 100 lbs and many say is a perfect example of a GSD. He is amazingly smart and knows many tricks. Tazz has had his hips X-rayed which were submitted to and rated "good" from AKC.
  • "Rosie" is a 2-year-old long coat female and weighs in at a thick and sturdy 75 lbs. She hasn't learned many tricks yet but is one of the most beautiful GSD's I have ever seen. Rosie is a big lover who never met a hand she didn't want to lick!
  • Rosie has not been X-rayed YET, but she has no known hip or elbow issues herself or in her family background.
  • Together they are "Beauty and the Brains".
  • Both are AKC registered and have German bloodlines & AKC Championship backgrounds.


A non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee your litter pick number for an 8-week-old puppy, male or female, with all age appropriate shots. They are as follows:

  • $500 – non-refundable deposit, to hold your place in line. But if needed it can be transferred and applied to a future litter.
  • $1,000 – non-refundable deposit for "pick of the litter," which can also be transferred to a future pick of the litter. 

We reserve the right to 1st pick of every litter, at which point the 2nd puppy choice would be the buyer's "1st pick of the litter." BUT in compensation – your final puppy cost would be reduced by $500, going down from $2,500 to $2,000, which is the normal non-pick-of-the-litter fee. Or you can transfer your deposit to a future pick of the litter. We believe that is fair.

Under no circumstances will any deposit be returned.

  • $2,500. Pick of the Litter with full AKC Breeding rights
  • $2,000. Non 1st pick with Full AKC breeding rights.
  • $1,500. Puppy. No AKC Breeding rights.
  • $1,500. Approx. 1-year-old or older GSD with full AKC Breeding rights. 
  • $1,200. Approx. 1-year-old or older GSD. No AKC Breeding rights. 


For the period of 2 years after purchase we guarantee our puppies to be free of hip, elbow, or any other genetic disease. 

It has never happened before, but if any of our GSDs are ever proven in writing by a licensed veterinarian to have such disease, upon our receiving of all ORIGINAL necessary X-rays and other required documentation, we will accept a return of the dog back to us and replace it with one "pick of the litter" of any future litter. 

We will not pay any Veterinarian bills or any other such related costs.

Any non-genetic disease or other puppy care costs incurred will be strictly at the buyers expense and does not qualify for any replacement of puppies stated in our 2-year Health Guarantee.

No cash refunds or payments will be issued for deposits, purchases, veterinarian bills, or any other buyer costs incurred.